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Do you remember the first day of your class when you are promoted? When you are getting ready in the morning for the first day of your new class, there is always a tickling in your stomach. Meeting again with your classmate, new subjects, new teachers…whole creates an excitement within.

Yes I want to talk about that excitement; does that excitement remain for the whole year? No. Do you ever notice that this excitement faded with time, with age? But according to me, these sparks need to set afire for every moment of our life or at least for most of the moment in our life.

Being excited always brings a dubious confidence in us. One should always face life with excitement. Do you prefer to sit with a person who is always gloomy about his marks or about any other things in his/her life or do you prefer company of a person who is always gleeful. You know it very well.

The question arises how to keep the spark alive. In simple words I would like to say ignore the past, face your present and make the best for future. What If Amitabh Bachan stopped his career due to set-back he faced in his early career life, what if scientist stop experimenting, they all have a spark within that force them to be persistent.

At the end, I would advise you to see yourself better then today, focus on study, remain persistent and you will score well. If you let off your spark on the way remember you would have to start it all again. Key to success is to remain persistent with a smile on your face.




Akansh Malik is a published author, Travel Blogger & Publisher.

He is the Founder of Pulmis Publishing House, where he believes to promote new writers with a basic vision of being Transparent, Accountable & Creative. 

You can write directly at reach@akanshmalik.com


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