Akansh Malik



Akansh Malik is a published author, Travel Blogger & a Publisher.

He is a very deep observer of nature, emotions and people-behavior. Fond of historical architecture.

He is an active blogger and has a keen interest in reading and writing, besides reading and writing his hobbies include listening music, and travelling.

Akansh is the Founder of Pulmis Publishing House, where he believes to promote new writers with a basic vision of being Transparent, Accountable & Creative.

He is socially active at Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can write directly at reach@akanshmalik.com

Book - Love Heals Everything



Love Heals Everything is a promising effort by debutant Akansh Maik. The story is short and crisp, not allowing the reader\'s attention to divert. The characters are well etched out, the cover is catchy, the editing is wonderful and the print quality is first rate. Given the fact that the author has put in so much effort in promoting and marketing this book, I surely see a bright future for him.

Suhail Mathur
Author-The Hunt for Rama's Bow

Love has many forms ..many ways.. To show and to be felt.. Love is like the sun coming out of the clouds and warming your soul.. Storyline : Two people meeting by chance.. a new dimension towards Love . A crossroad to cross…and finally the triumph..The title does get justified ” Love Heals Everything ” Written well.. however yes we need to work on vocabulary and delivery of perfect emotions to touch hearts..Shortfalls will be covered in the upcoming novel…We always learn “Learn from the demerits” Indeed a good evening read with a cup of coffee

Priyanka Raiyani Bose

The story is racy and never leaves a chance to keep the book until you complete reading it. The title is self explanatory and also conveys he blurb of the book. It’s a wonderful experience about two people who are in absolute sync with each other. How the beliefs of the two contradict? How circumstances can push you towards a new direction and make you look at your life in a complete new lime light! The story goes about with a good rapport building with the readers and explains the characters very well. The Author Akansh Malik experiments with his characters, my tossing their absolutely perfect life in an uneven road. Sits, and lets the character walk the route until they finally get on a right track! How the characters manage to perform when put under the circumstances which they were never ready to get into! Not even in their wildest dreams! Yet, how beautifully and patiently, they cope up. The author also consciously and delicately pictures the concept of faith and love.

Arpita Chipkar
Author-Are You Magic Or Am I A Trick? Miracles happen!